• Is the elephant irrelevant? It was not really the fact of, but rather the manner of, President Barack Obama’s re-election that was a mortal blow. The Republican Party as we have come to know it in the last few decades is in political bankruptcy. In a Democracy, the currency that governments spend is the will… [Continue Reading]

    Irrelephant – the death of a political party
  • President Obama will serve a second term.  Democrats retain the Senate, Republicans retain the House. With Florida, Nevada and Colorado still in play, the race has been called.  As this and so many other pundits predicted, Ohio would be pivotal.  Obama stands at 274 electoral votes, and Romney at 201. This election night race took… [Continue Reading]

    Obama wins!
  • At this point in the election, there appear to be 130 electoral votes ‘up for grabs.’   These are the swing states. Of these 130, 60 votes are in states leaning Obama by a slight margin.  Nevada (6), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (20) and Ohio (18). 26 are in states that are a tossup… [Continue Reading]

    The road to Pennsylvania Ave goes through Ohio
  • Paul Ryan is on record as saying that if you torture statistics enough, they can tell you anything you want.  This speaks volumes about the efficacy of torture.  It also tells you a little bit about Paul Ryan. I will write a separate article questioning the details surrounding Joe Biden’s own fact check moment, when… [Continue Reading]

    The truth about Scranton, PA – fact checking the VP debate
  • Mitt Romney clearly appeared more zealous, and perhaps better prepared for this first presidential debate this evening. The question on many Republicans mind is what will this mean for his polling, particularly in swing states?  Will this translate into greater enthusiasm in his base?  Will his performance influence the few remaining undecided voters? The biggest… [Continue Reading]

    Romney wins first debate, loses fact check acid test