Working With Funders

The research funding landscape is dynamic and often complex, therefore an important role of 研究 and Enterprise Services is to ensure that an excellent understanding of the funders and funding landscape is maintained - along with an excellent working relationship between the University and those funders.

An key role of the Senior 研究 Development Managers (SRDMs) is to work with colleagues in this area. We do so in a number of ways:

  • Prior to joining Lancaster Dr Hannah Maytum (one of the Senior 研究 Development Managers) worked as a Programme Manager for the Engineering and Physical Sciences 研究 Council before coming to Lancaster.
  • Organising senior-level visits to the University by funders. These visits are intended to raise the profile of Lancaster's research with the funder and also to provide academics with an opportunity to meet funders and hear about their forthcoming plans.
  • Liaise with funders on behalf of those applying for funding (in collaboration with colleagues in the 研究 Support Office).
  • Attend/contribute to national events relating to changes to the funding landscape.
  • Visiting funders.

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