The wave tank in 工程


We offer outstanding degrees in ten subject areas, across seven leading departments. Our courses are designed to inspire and challenge you.



  • 本科学位

    Flexible degrees taught in state-of-the-art facilities, many including integrated Masters schemes.

  • 教育硕士学位

    研究ing for a Masters is challenging yet rewarding. Full and part-time Masters are available.

  • 硕士研究

    Begin your research career by developing a Masters programme that will develop your own interests.

  • 博士学位

    研究 for a 博士学位 alongside world-leading academics at the forefront of their field.


We pride ourselves on the depth, the range and the quality of our research. From breaking new ground in astrophysics to cyber security, our staff are active in their specialist areas.

  • 研究部门

    Cutting-edge research at the forefront of education across each of our departments.

  • 研究中心

    Specialist centres conducting world-leading research with global impact.

  • 研究伦理

    All of our research is conducted to our comprehensive ethical guidelines.


We work in partnership with businesses and other science and technology users so that our research and teaching makes a demonstrable difference to the economy and society.

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  • 合作研究

    Our research is solution driven for business growth. Our award-winning business partnerships team will connect you quickly to the people who have the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your business goals.

  • 设施

    We have cutting-edge facilities to develop and test new products and processes for the global marketplace, our business partnerships and engagement team can help you access a wide range of facilities.

  • 办公空间

    Our award-winning buildings enable global high-tech, 化学, manufacturing and environmental businesses to co-locate onto the 600全讯白菜网址大全 campus and work alongside our cutting-edge researchers.

  • 学生参与

    访问4个以上,200 science and technology students through internships, 职场信息, collaborative research projects, 行业年度计划, volunteering programmes and recruitment services.


Our eight departments offer high quality education by internationally renowned academics, and delivered in state-of-the-art facilities. We conduct world-leading research with global impact that makes a difference to the economy and society.